How to Change laptop language | in English tips

How to change laptop language Hindi to English Easily – Do you guys want to change the window language of your laptop, do you want to make your laptop in English, then watch this video carefully for you guys, you can use the tips given in this video to your people.

change laptop language Hindi to English
change laptop language Hindi to English

If you can convert PC to English language, then if you start the video, then friends, to do the language of your laptop or window 10 in English, first you have to click on the start button of the window here .

after that you have to click here. We have to go to the setting, we can see that the language of the laptop we have is in full Hindi, but we want to do it in English language, then click on the setting. Update Laptop in 2022

after clicking here we will see So you have been given the option of time and language, you have to click on it, after clicking, you will get options here, within the time and language itself, many dates and times, language and region etc.

How to change laptop language step by step

You have to click, just like if you click, then here too there is a difference of language. Whatever is the option will open from here, the language you change is for typing,

but whatever you see in Hindi, if you want to do all this in English, then for this you have to use Windows display language here. If you have to click on the option, then see Hindi is given here.

if you click on it, then what is here, the option of English United States is found here, maybe you have the option of English India, then simply you can click on it.

If you have to click, it is saying that in order to apply your new display language, Windows requires you to sign out. how to update windows 10 update

then here we have to click on sign out, ie we have to restart in a way, simply here I am here.

If I click on the sign out button, then the laptop that we have here is in a way that has been turned off and what is here again, it has been signed out in a way,

Now what is in it Whatever password we have, that is, whatever is the password or PIN, if we put our laptop in our password, then we will enter it.

I enter the password here, as if I entered, then our laptop has been opened, since then when we click on the start button of the window, then we see that all this is done in the English language.

Let’s go again in the setting, let’s see that whatever is in Hindi, all these languages ​​have been converted to English, that is, what is in English has been set, so in this way you will find the language of your laptop. can do it in english

How to change laptop language | Hindi to English Window 10 or windows 11

In this  article we are talking about how to change your Windows display language in english in laptop if you don’t know how to change your laptop Window display language so keep watching and reading this video & article step by step.

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